Renee Bend, PhD

Molecular Specialist

ReneeBendDr. Renee Bend joined the GGC as a Molecular Specialist in 2015. Her primary responsibilities are in exome data analysis and genetic variant interpretation. In addition, she is developing a Sanger sequencing-analysis training program for new technologists in the lab.

Dr. Bend did her graduate research in neuroscience under the guidance of Chi-Bin Chien at the University of Utah. There, she used the zebrafish model to study the genes involved in tissue patterning and creation of topographic neural maps in the brain. Before her transition to the field of clinical diagnostic genetics, Dr. Bend was teaching science full time at the high school and college levels. She has a long-term passion for genes and the incredible beings they create.


Contact Information

Office (864) 388-1725
Fax (864) 941-8141
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  • B.A. Biology, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR, 2002
  • Ph.D. Neuroscience, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 2012
  • Molecular Specialist, Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory, Greenwood Genetic Center, 2015-present