Patient and Families FAQ

How do I schedule a visit?

Appointments for a genetics visit require a referral from a healthcare provider. Discuss any questions with your provider and they can set up an appointment for you.

Why am I being referred?

Patients may be referred for a genetics evaluation for a variety of reasons. Pediatric patients may be referred because their physician is concerned that there is a genetic background to the patient’s symptoms (usually intellectual disability, autism, growth problems, abnormal testing, etc). Prenatal patients may be referred to discuss the options for prenatal testing, the family history, or previous test results. Cancer patients may be referred due to a personal and/or family history of cancer. The genetic counselor or geneticist that will meet with you will be happy to further explain the reason(s) for your specific referral. You may also wish to discuss this further with your physician who made the referral.

What can I expect from my visit?

It is difficult to determine what exactly will be discussed with each visit; however, you will want to be prepared to discuss the medical history of the referred individual as well as the family history. Pediatric patients will frequently also have a brief physical exam. Any recommended or offered testing will be thoroughly discussed before being initiated. You may also wish to review our patient information brochure, Preparing for Your Genetic Visit.

How do I get to your office?

GGC has offices in Greenwood, Charleston, Columbia, Florence and Greenville. Prenatal genetic counseling appointments are conducted at our Greenwood office as well as at Greenville Hospital System’s Maternal Fetal Medicine office, and Spartanburg Regional Healthcare’s Maternal Fetal Medicine office. Cancer genetic counseling appointments are conducted at our Greenwood office. For other specialty clinics, contact the GGC office nearest you or the healthcare provider who referred you for the address and directions.

How do I get my test results?

If you have been seen at the Greenwood Genetic Center and have questions regarding testing performed at your appointment, please call the genetic counselor or geneticist with whom you met. They will be happy to review those results. If you had testing that was sent to the Greenwood Genetic Center Laboratory by another healthcare provider, please contact that ordering provider for results.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact the nearest Greenwood Genetic Center office. If you are uncertain which office to contact, please call our main office in Greenwood, SC (864) 941-8100 for further assistance.