Where Help is Needed

You may designate your gift toward any of the following areas provide an undesignated gift and we will attribute your gift where help is needed most. Thank you for considering the Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation as the recipient of your generous donation.

Diagnostic Services

Each week, individuals and families affected by birth defects and related disabilities get evaluated by our physicians and counselors. Families from every town in South Carolina. Families from every segment of our society. The goal of our physicians and counselors is to find the answers they seek. Hundreds of samples arrive at the Center for testing each week. Every vial holds a question, a life, a family, hopes and dreams, our greatest fears, and our utmost potential. The results we find inform monumental decisions. We feel an awesome responsibility to deliver accurate results and clear genetic diagnoses. Thankfully, for dozens of conditions, these diagnoses hold viable treatments.


No genetic disorder should be beyond the reach of a cure or treatment. Thousands of South Carolina families come to the Center each year in the hope those words will be true for them. We are making real progress, uncovering the basic processes that cause disorders and identifying ways to stop or prevent them. A number of genetic and metabolic conditions already have effective treatments. For evidence of our progress look no further than the new Treatment Center under construction on our Greenwood campus. This building embodies hope for emerging treatments and faith in the realization of future therapies. Led by a dedicated treatment team, the Treatment Center charts new territory through both clinical trials and proven techniques.


Before there was a Human Genome Project, there was the research program at the Greenwood Genetic Center. Our scientists work tirelessly to discover the identity and function of genes causing disorders and disease. Their success places the JC Self Research Institute among the most successful genetic research programs in the world. When the "Eureka!" moment of discovery arrives, it is just as likely to come from Greenwood, South Carolina, as anywhere else on Earth. It is here that we seek to understand the underlying causes and characteristics of birth defects and genetic disorders. If the Treatment Center is where we apply our solutions, the Research Institute is often where we find them.


Any knowledge we gain must be shared. That exchange takes many forms. Visiting scientists and lecturers bring clues and discoveries from other institutions. The Center runs South Carolina's only accredited program for training medical geneticists. The Center's faculty provides courses and mentoring for students at Lander University, Clemson University and the University of South Carolina. High school science teachers attend summer courses at the Center. The Center is also dedicated to providing informational materials and programs for families and communities across South Carolina and the country on preventive measures drawn from our clinical and research experience. Families are able to make informed health care decisions thanks to these educational programs.

Study Participation

Eligible participants include individuals at all ages who have had complete MECP2 gene analysis and have the clinical diagnosis of classic or variant Rett syndrome, with or without mutations in the gene OR individuals without clinical Rett syndrome but with MECP2 mutations.

For more information, see the Rett syndrome study fact sheet or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , study coordinator.