Metabolic Clinics

The Greenwood Genetic Center’s Metabolic Team provides comprehensive services to patients diagnosed with or suspected of having a metabolic disorder. Through this program, patients and families have access to clinical geneticists, genetic counselors, metabolic dieticians, and pediatric neuropsychologists for the diagnosis and management of metabolic disorders. Clinics are held throughout the state of South Carolina.

Patients referred to metabolic clinic include those with an abnormal newborn screen, abnormal biochemical testing, diagnosis of a known metabolic condition, family history of a metabolic condition, and/or suspicion of a metabolic disorder.

The metabolic program is headed by Dr. Richard Schroer and Dr. Neena Champaigne.

Dr. Schroer is based in GGC’s Charleston office and holds clinics in Florence, Columbia, Charleston, and Horry County. To schedule an appointment in one of Dr. Schroer’s clinics, please call 843-735-5094 or toll free 877-679-0927.

Dr. Champaigne is based in GGC’s Greenwood office and holds clinics in Greenwood and Greenville. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Champaigne, please call 864-678-7891 or toll free 1-888-442-4363.

Call Now

24-Hour Call Service (for emergencies or urgent questions regarding a SC metabolic patient): 866-262-3070

Dr. Champaigne (8 am to 5 pm): 864-941-8100 (toll free 1-888-442-4363)

Dr. Schroer: 843-735-5094 (toll free 1-877-679-0927)

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