Fortunately most babies are born healthy. However, in some pregnancies a risk for birth defects or other genetic problems may be identified.

The Greenwood Genetic Center provides prenatal genetic counseling services for those families with a concern about the health of their unborn baby. A prenatal genetic counselor can provide information about the reason for referral, the chances of a specific birth defect or condition to be present as well as the risks, benefits and limitations of prenatal diagnosis and screening tests. Genetic counselors can also meet with couples prior to pregnancy to discuss potential concerns. The counselor will also discuss family history, so patients should be prepared to answer questions about their personal and family medical histories.

Referral reasons:

  • Maternal age of 35 or older at delivery
  • Positive prenatal screening test results
  • Prenatal ultrasound findings
  • Prenatal exposures to medications, drugs, alcohol, radiation, chemicals or infections
  • Family history of birth defects, intellectual disabilities or a genetic disorder
  • Personal history of 2 or more pregnancy losses
  • Couples from an ethnic background known to have a higher risk for certain genetic disorders
  • Couples who are blood relatives
  • Couples with family history or other concerns who are considering a pregnancy

For additional information, see our patient education brochures:
Prenatal Genetic Counseling
Prenatal Screening and Testing

Questions about Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS)?

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule a patient for prenatal genetic counseling, physicians should contact one of the offices below.

  • Greenville
    GHS Maternal Fetal Medicine
    890 W. Faris Rd.
    Suite 470
    Greenville, SC 29605
    (864) 455-1600
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  • Greenwood
    Greenwood Genetic Center
    106 Gregor Mendel Circle
    Greenwood, SC 29646
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