LSD NBS Screening Follow-up

Our lab's combined experience with LSDs and NBS follow-up makes GGC a great partner to provide follow-up testing for your patients with abnormal newborn screening results.

We understand the logistics and urgency needed to follow-up an abnormal newborn screen, confirm the diagnosis, and promptly initiate treatment. Our laboratory has worked closely with the South Carolina NBS laboratory and the GGC metabolic treatment team to follow-up patients with an abnormal newborn screen for inborn errors of metabolism in the state of South Carolina for many years. We have recently expanded these services to other states for the follow-up of infants with abnormal NBS for lysosomal storage disorders.  Advantages of utlizing the GGC Diagnostic Lab for your state's LSD NBS follow-up:

  • Biomarker and/or molecular analysis from a DBS could be used as a second-tier NBS test, utilizing the DBS from the NBS laboratory and therefore preventing the need for a second specimen collection and producing faster results.
  • Expedited analysis is available upon request.
  • Our laboratory has been performing follow-up testing for states that have already implemented NBS for LSDs since this testing began more than two years ago. This includes the complex interpretation of MPS I pseudo-deficiency.
  • Specific requisition for simplified ordering