Genetic Matters: A Public Question and Answer Forum

Knowledge in the field of human genetics has expanded tremendously over the last few decades. Daily, the media report new research discoveries. This information raises many concerns about ethical, medical, legal, and social issues. Among these concerns are insurability, discrimination, employability, confidentiality and availability of testing. These new discoveries also firmly establish hope for understanding, treating and preventing many of the common chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, mental retardation and causes of birth defects. Today, and in the future, this information will play an important role in our personal lives and decision-making abilities as we grow, learn, work and raise our families.

Index-Journal. These columns provide a ready source for public discussion and understanding on the numerous issues surrounding this work. From 1997-1999 the column was called the Greenwood Genetic Connection and was authored by Kevin M. Sweet, Genetic Counselor. In September 2000 the column was renamed Genetic Matters and is written by Leta Tribble, Education Coordinator of the Greenwood Genetic Center. Questions are invited, and should be directed to Leta Tribble (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


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