Graduate Course in Human Genetics

"…fast, furious, and fantastic". What a terrific quote and description of the week of June 25th at the Greenwood Genetic Center.

For the 8th consecutive year, the Greenwood Genetic Center has held and successfully completed a week long graduate course in Human Genetics for high school science teachers.

It is an intense week with over 40 hours of instruction. Packed into the week are 28 lectures, cytogenetics and molecular lab activities, and research assignments. Instruction is from the experts: members of the Greenwood Genetic Center faculty with lab support from our most capable technologists.

Our class this year consisted of 35 participants representing a large geographical area. South Carolina representation stretched from Rock Hill to Clemson to Sumter, Camden to North Augusta. We were happy to see expanded interest in the course this year. Science educators from Macon and Atlanta, Georgia and from Charlotte and Asheville, North Carolina were also a part of this year’s group.

The course is a tremendous opportunity for teachers to enhance their base of genetic information, to learn innovative teaching techniques, to share ideas and concerns, and to appreciate the impact that this science has and will have on society.

As we at the Center ponder the 2001 course evaluations and seek to define our future offerings, the Greenwood Genetic Center remains intent on fulfilling one of its three primary objectives: genetics education for all.