Senior Genetics Scholar Program

The Senior Genetics Scholar Program began in 1997 as an initiative through which internationally recognized scholars are in residence at the Greenwood Genetic Center each year. These scholars supplement the expertise of our faculty, serve as mentors and role models for our medical genetics trainees, assist in our other educational programs, produce scholarly works, conduct research in their areas of expertise and bring considerable attention to the Center programs.

The Senior Genetics Scholar Program represents GGC's effort to stay current in the rapidly changing and challenging field of medical genetics. GGC faculty benefits from the combined experience and backgrounds of these visiting scholars, our medical genetics trainees have the unique opportunity to be mentored by acknowledged experts in diverse areas of genetics specialties and our patients ultimately benefit from the scholars' knowledge and experience.

The length of time each scholar spends on campus varies scholar to scholar and year to year. Individual tours have ranged from three weeks to five months. The program is structured to allow the Scholar to participate fully in the institutional life of the Center.

Potential Senior Genetics Scholars are identified through the clinical, academic, and research activities of the GGC faculty and are invited to join this unique program by the Center Director.

In 2010, through the generosity of Friends of the Greenwood Genetic Center, an Endowment to support the Senior Genetics Scholars Program was initiated in honor of the late Dr. Leslie C. Meyer, noted physician, humanitarian and Friend of the GGC. Contact the Center Director for additional information regarding this Endowment.

The Senior Genetics Scholar Program has been recognized as a Notable Practice by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Current Senior Genetics Scholars

Dr. Bryan Hall

Former Chief of Genetics and Dysmorphology at the University of Kentucky

Dr. Hall brings to our faculty extensive experience in scholarship related to birth defects. He has published over 135 articles and book chapters on syndromes with multiple congenital anomalies and has produced three widely utilized teaching videotapes on the approach, conceptualization, and diagnosis of birth defects syndromes.

Dr. Alasdair Hunter

Former Chief of the Genetics Division of Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Hunter is an expert in genetic disorders that affect brain function. He contributes to our teaching of birth defects, syndromology and embryology and has taken an active role in the development of several research projects.

Dr. Jules Leroy

Former Professor and Chairman of Pediatrics at Ghent University of Medicine in Belgium

Dr. Leroy provides expertise on metabolic disorders and intellectual disabilities. Dr. Leroy discovered the genetic disorder, mucolipidosis II (I-Cell or Leroy Disease), and collaborates with GGC clinical geneticist, Dr. Sara Cathey, in further delineating the clinical, biochemical and molecular manifestations of this disorder and related conditions. He also provides guidance in the statewide metabolic disease treatment program.

Dr. Giovanni Neri

Emeritus Professor of Medical Genetics, Catholic University, Rome

Dr. Neri's areas of scientific focus include the genetic basis of intellectual disability/malformation syndromes, Fragile X syndrome, and hereditary cancers. he has authored more than 400 scientific papers, mostly published in international journals, indexed in Current Contents. He is also a co-author and/or contributor to several genetics books, including the textbook "Genetica Umana e Medica", widely adopted by Italian Medical Schools.

Dr. Thomas Sadler

Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics, University of Utah; Visiting Professor, East Tennessee State University

Dr. Sadler provides expertise in Embryology/Developmental Biology and the etiology of birth defects. He is the author of Langman's Medical Embryology and has contributed to educational programs and conferences at the Greenwood Genetic Center for many years.

Dr. Jurgen Spranger

Former Professor and Chairman of the Children's Hospital at the University of Mainz, Germany

Dr. Spranger is an international authority on disorders of the skeleton and author of the widely acclaimed text, Bone Dysplasias, an Atlas of Constitutional Disorders of Skeletal Development (Ed 2, Oxford University Press, 2002). He has provided indispensable consultation on patients with rare disorders and participates broadly in the Center's educational programs.