FAQ’s for Laboratory Fellowship Applicants

Is the USMLE a prerequisite for application to the clinical cytogenetics fellowship?


Do I need to complete a primary care residency to enter the Clinical Laboratory Fellowship program?


How many letters of recommendation are required and can the letters of recommendation be e-mailed?

Three letters are required. The letters can be e-mailed, but signed hard copies should also be mailed.

Is it possible to enroll in two clinical fellowship specialties?

This is handled on an individual basis.

How many people do you accept into the clinical biochemical and laboratory genetics and genomics fellowship programs per year?

The number of positions available fluctuates from year to year.

What is required for the application packet to be complete?

Completed applications should contain:

  • Application form
  • CV
  • Statement of intent
  • 3 signed letters of recommendation.

What are the eligibility requirements for a laboratory fellowship with the Greenwood Genetic Center?

A doctoral degree in an appropriate basic/biological science, as determined by the American Board of Medical Genetics (ABMG), is required.  Most applicants have degrees in genetics, biochemistry or molecular biology.  Please contact the ABMG directly if you are uncertain about whether your degree is acceptable for the program (www.abmg.org).  Each applicant will also be required to complete an application which includes providing three references.

Do you accept foreign visas and what type do you accept?

Visa sponsorships are determined on an individual basis depending on qualifications and acceptance into the Clinical Genetics Laboratory Fellowship Program.

What is the deadline for applications?

We have an ongoing/rolling application process. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Do those completing the fellowship program have a good success rate with passing the ABMG certification?

GGC fellows have a very high success rate in passing the ABMG Board exams.

How long do your training programs last?

Standard fellowships last two years. Additional time is necessary for those interested in more than one specialty.

If I currently have a H1B Visa, will you transfer it?

This is handled on an individual basis.

When will openings be available?

Available positions typically begin in the summer months.

If pursuing a sub-specialty, do you apply to both at the same time?

Applicants are encouraged to include this information on their application during the application process.

What is your funding availability?

Funding availability is dependent on the budget and is determined on an annual basis.

If your budget is a problem, could I do the training with no financial support from your program?


What month do your fellowship applicants begin?

This can vary, but most begin during the summer months.

Will you provide a salary for the trainees?

Fellows are salaried employees at the Greenwood Genetic Center.

Do I need to take TOEFL test to be accepted by your program?

We assume full fluency in English! If there is a question, then the test should be done.

Do applicants to the program need to arrange a research project and/or funding with a faculty member prior to submitting their application?


Are most fellows in the program supported by training grants or through research funding in a faculty mentor's lab?

Yes, but obtaining additional support is encouraged.

After ABMG certification do your fellows usually go on to practice in or direct diagnostic laboratories?

Virtually all GGC trained fellows direct diagnostic laboratories following ABMG certification.

Do I need any prior experience in the fellowship I’m applying for?


I’m an international student. Am I eligible to enter your program?

International students are eligible, but must have proper visa status.

Has there been an international graduate in your program?


Do you require hands-on experience in the USA before entering your program?

Experience in the US is preferred in the selection process.

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Effective in 2017, the Greenwood Genetic Center's Clincal Molecular and Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratory Fellowships have been combined into the Laboratory Genetics and Genomics Fellowship.

Applications for 2018 Laboratory Fellowship Programs are now closed.

Applications for the 2018 MAPP Fellowship Program will be accepted December 1, 2017- March 31, 2018.

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