Impact Report


The GGC Foundation gratefully received $121,275 from 121 gifts.

The GGC Foundation Board of Trustees allocated $105,000 from endowment fund earnings to support the Center with annual operational needs that impact critical work day in and day out.

The Greenwood Genetic Center, with the help of the GGC Foundation, was able to support the following noteworthy advancements:

  • Provided more than $200,000 to cover services for families who could not afford to pay. At a $1,000 average, 200 families are getting the help they need.
  • Purchased a Next Generation Sequencing Machine. The $250,000 state-of-the-art equipment can sequence all 20,000 genes simultaneously, making for a faster and more precise diagnosis.
  • Funded patents for two research theories associated with the cause of autism spectrum disorders.
  • Educated more than 6,200 students and teachers onsite and throughout South Carolina through genetics lab experiences, professional conferences, internships, and fellowships, all to trian the next generation of clinicians, technologists, researchers and educators.

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To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation, contact

Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation
113 Gregor Mendel Circle
Greenwood, SC 29646
(864) 388-1813


If you prefer to mail a contribution, please print the reply card and mail to the above address.

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