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Genetic knowledge is advancing at a rapid pace. The research faculty of the Greenwood Genetic Center‘s JC Self Research Institute of Human Genetics are proud to be at the forefront of genetic discovery and breakthroughs. Our very active research team engages clinicians and laboratory faculty from across our campus and has led to significant advances in identifying causative genes and mutations as well as understanding the mechanisms, causes and preventions of intellectual disabilities and birth defects.

The primary focus of research at GGC is in the area of X-linked intellectual disabilities, an area in which our scientists are known and respected worldwide as experts in the field. Other current areas of research interest include the genetic basis of autism and molecular investigations into split-hand/foot malformations. The research division is also the home of the South Carolina Birth Defects Prevention Program which continues to lead an effort to reduce the incidence of birth defects such as neural tube defects, within SC with great success. Fetal autopsy examinations are also provided through the Center for Anatomic Studies to assist physicians and families in understanding the causes of birth defects and genetic anomalies.

A division of the Greenwood Genetic Center, the JC Self Research Institute is a state and national resource where scientists seek a greater understanding of the causes, treatment, and prevention of birth defects and intellectual disabilities. The Institute is taking a leading role in genetic research in South Carolina. Whether mapping part of the vast unknown areas of the human genome, studying the effects of a single gene gone awry, or putting into practice a strategy for families to avoid hereditary disease, scientists at the Institute hope their work will bring the next generation closer to the goal of having all babies born healthy and free of physical and intellectual disabilities.

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