NTD Publications

The following publications have resulted from the work of the SC Birth Defects Prevention Program.

  • Collins JS, Atkinson KK, Dean JH, Best RG, Stevenson RE. Long-term maintenance of neural tube defects prevention in a high prevalence state. J Pediatr 2011;159:143-149. PMID:21345450.
  • Collins JS, Canfield MA, Pearson K, Kirby RS, Case AP, Mai CT, Major J, Mulinare J. Public health projects for preventing the recurrence of neural tube defects in the United States. Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol 2009;85:935-938. PMID:19626670.
  • Grosse SD, Ouyang L, Collins JS, Green D, Dean JH, Stevenson RE. Economic evaluation of a neural tube defect recurrence-prevention program. Am J Prev Med 2008;35:572-577. PMID:18845415
  • Dean JH, Collins JS, Clary NJ, Stevenson RE. Preventing the recurrence of neural tube defects in South Carolina. Proc Greenwood Genet Center 2007;26:40-44.
  • Stevenson RE, Seaver LH, Collins JS, Dean JH. Neural tube defects and associated anomalies in South Carolina. Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol 2004;70:554-558. PMID:15368552.
  • Collins JS, Olson RL, Dupont BR, Wolff DJ, Best RG, Stevenson RE. Prevalence of aneuploidies in South Carolina in the 1990s. Genet Med 2002;4:131-135. PMID:12180147.
  • Collins JS, Dean JH, Seaver LH, Stevenson RE. Birth defects and folic acid prevention. Proc Greenwood Genet Center 2001;20:44-47.
  • Stevenson RE, Allen WP, Pai GS, Best R, Seaver LH, Dean J, Thompson S. Decline in prevalence of neural tube defects in a  high-risk region of the United States. Pediatrics 2000;106:677-683. PMID:11015508.
  • Stevenson RE, Dean JH, Allen WP, Kelly M. Prevention program for reducing risk for neural tube defects -- South Carolina, 1992-1994. MMWR 1995;44:141-142.

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