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The Greenwood Genetic Center (GGC) developed this informational page to keep the public informed about our plans to work more closely with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).

The FAQs below reflect questions and concerns from feedback we have received and are intended to provide accurate information.

We realize that many of these concerns and questions stem from a desire to support and protect GGC, and for that, we are grateful.

This page will be updated periodically as new information becomes available.

GGC and MUSC share a common mission to improve the lives of patients across South Carolina. We have big plans that neither of us can accomplish on our own. MUSC recognizes the importance of genetics and genomics to the future of healthcare, and rather than duplicating what GGC has already perfected and ultimately becoming a competitor, they want the same things that GGC wants – to make state-of-the-art genetic services available and accessible to all. It’s a natural fit.

By partnering with MUSC, a large healthcare system and medical educational organization, GGC, its faculty and staff, and the patients and families we serve will gain access to a myriad of services that, as a smaller organization, are more difficult to acquire. These services range from healthcare administration and business expertise to cutting edge treatments and clinical trial development for our patients. Below are a few examples of the benefits to GGC and those we serve.

  • Increased access to genetics services for patients and families across South Carolina
  • Acceleration of personalized medicine in South Carolina
  • Expanded participation for patients in clinical trials and emerging therapy research
  • Financial resources to expand clinical, diagnostic, and educational initiatives
  • Access for GGC patients to coordinated multi-specialty clinical care – essential for patients with multisystem rare diseases
  • Growth in grant funding through access to grant writing experts
  • Access to billing contracts and improved negotiating power for reimbursement
  • Ability to expand GGC’s access to experts in area of genetics beyond GGC’s traditional areas of focus such as oncology, cardiology, neurology, etc.
  • Connection with largest medical school in South Carolina to recruit more clinicians to the field and to GGC – improving access to services and reducing wait times.
  • Administrative infrastructure that will benefit GGC’s business functions and strategy
  • As an academic center, MUSC can support and help grow educational endeavors to reach more students and help build the pipeline of future geneticists.
  • Expansion of the breadth and depth of researchers to support grants and other research opportunities
  • Opportunities to take a leadership role in MUSC genetic / genomic initiatives
  • Access to administrative and leadership opportunities in MUSC’s Integrated Centers of Clinical Excellence (“ICCE”) for genetics and genomics
  • Access to resources to develop a robust strategy of how the South Carolina can continue saving and changing lives of families through genetics.

No, MUSC is not buying or taking over GGC.

GGC and MUSC have agreed to enter into a Membership Agreement in which Mainsail Health Partners becomes a member of GGC. Going forward, GGC will have two members, GGC Parent (the current GGC Board) and Mainsail Health Partners, an affiliate and supporting entity of MUSC. Each entity will be an equal member in the Greenwood Genetic Center.

Mainsail Health Partners (“Mainsail”) is a South Carolina non-profit, tax exempt corporation without members.  Mainsail was formed to support the charitable mission of MUSC and does so by engaging in collaborative initiatives and promoting activities and programs consistent with the objectives and mission of MUSC and its affiliates.


This agreement will not change our location in Greenwood. Language in the ancillary documents to allow the GGC Parent Board (the current board) to veto any such action has been approved by both GGC and MUSC.


On the contrary, the new initiatives that will be made possible by this agreement are expected to lead to the growth of GGC and the addition of more employees. Language in the ancillary documents to allow the GGC Parent Board (the current board) to veto any such challenge to job retention has been approved by both GGC and MUSC.

GGC’s commitment to quality, compassionate patient care is not changing.

Current and future GGC patients will continue to receive the same high-quality care from our providers that they have come to expect from GGC with no interruption in their medical management.

As this partnership moves forward, we do anticipate positive changes that will improve patient care such as shortened wait times for appointments, easier access to specialty care, and more opportunities to participate in clinical trials or research studies.


The new board will be comprised of 12 individuals. 50% (6) will be appointed by the current GGC Board of Directors (GGC Parent), and 50% (6) will be appointed by MUSC.

Yes, the current board, known as the GGC Parent Board, will be responsible for appointing the six GGC members to the new GGC board. The GGC Parent Board will also exercise certain powers under the Membership Agreement including veto power over certain decisions such as the annual budget, location of GGC, job retention, and appointment of any future Director of GGC.

The new GGC Board will function as the primary Board of Directors for the Greenwood Genetic Center. They will review the annual budget, review strategic directions for GGC, maintain responsibility for compliance and proper business practices, and maintain fiduciary oversight of GGC.

The board will not be involved in day-to-day operations of GGC or personnel decisions (except as related to the position of Director of GGC). GGC’s current administrative structure will remain, and operational and personnel matters will continue to be handled under the current structure.

MUSC is making a $15 million initial total commitment to GGC in connection with membership, along with a continuing commitment to match most grants provided to GGC by the GGC Foundation.

MUSC is also committed to the future success of GGC by agreeing to help GGC identify and secure other sources of revenue.

Yes. The Membership Agreement and ancillary documents have been approved by both parties. The appointment of Board members by GGC and MUSC has been completed. The final administrative paperwork has been signed and filed, and the agreement went into effect on May 1, 2022.

The Membership Agreement and all ancillary documents have been approved by both the GGC Board of Directors and the MUSC Board of Directors.

The GGC Board voted to approve the Membership Agreement with Mainsail Health Partners on December 22, 2021. At the time of the board vote, one board seat was vacant leaving 10 voting members. All 10 GGC board members were present during the discussion, though one board member had to leave before the vote. A simple majority was required for the vote to pass. The final vote was 7-1 to approve the Membership Agreement with final approval contingent on review and approval of several ancillary documents.


All funds proposed as part of this agreement will go directly toward GGC and joint GGC-MUSC initiatives.

Dr. Roger Stevenson has expressed his opinion on the MUSC agreement with the GGC Board, GGC faculty and staff, GGC donors, and the public. While we respect his opinion, GGC’s Administrative Team and Board of Directors are continuing to pursue this opportunity that is in the best interest of the Greenwood Genetic Center, our employees, our patients, and our mission.

You may also reach out to GGC directly at

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