Fang, Xiaolan "Alice"

Fellow - Laboratory Genetics and Genomics

Fang, Xiaolan

Xiaolan “Alice” Fang grew up in Hangzhou, China, and did her undergraduate studies at Shanghai JiaoTong University in Shanghai, China. She got her Biology from the University of Virginia. She continued her work in cancer genetics and molecular biology as a research fellow at Wake Forest School of Medicine, where she evaluated biomarkers and molecular mechanisms in prostate cancer and urological complications. Then she moved to New York City and worked on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-guided clinical diagnosis for cancer and constitutional diseases at New York Genome Center. She joined GGC in the summer of 2019 as a fellow in the Laboratory Genetics and Genomics (LGG) training program. She is training in the implementation and interpretation
of both molecular and cytogenetic diagnostic tests, as well as the development and validation of novel assays for use in clinical settings.

Contact Information

Office (864) 388-1712
Fax (864) 941-8141


  • B.S., Biotechnology, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai, China, 2002
  • B.S., English (Double Major), Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai, China, 2002
  • Ph.D., Biology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 2008
  • Fellow, Transition-to-Independence Fellowship, Department of Cancer Biology, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC, 2012-2015
  • Fellow, Laboratory Genetics and Genomics, Greenwood Genetic Center, Greenwood, SC, 2019-present

Selected Publications

  • Mayu O. Frank, Takahiko Koyama, Kahn Rhrissorrakrai, Nicolas Robine, Filippo Utro, Anne-Katrin Emde, Bo-Juen Chen, Kanika Arora, Minita Shah, Heather Geiger, Vanessa Felice, Esra Dikoglu, Sadia Rahman, Xiaolan Fang, Vladimir Vacic, Ewa A. Bergmann, Julia L. Moore Vogel, Catherine Reeves, Depinder Khaira, Anthony Calabro, Duyang Kim, Michelle F. Lamendola-Essel, Cecilia Esteves, Phaedra Agius, Christian Stolte, John Boockvar, Alexis Demopoulos, Dimitris G. Placantonakis, John G. Golfinos, Cameron Brennan, Jeffrey Bruce, Andrew B. Lassman, Peter Canoll, Christian Grommes, Mariza Daras, Eli Diamond, Antonio Omuro,, Elena Pentsova, Dana E. Orange, Stephen J. Harvey, Jerome B. Posner, Vanessa V. Michelini, Vaidehi Jobanputra, Michael C. Zody, John Kelly, Laxmi Parida, Kazimierz O. Wrzeszczynski, Ajay K. Royyuru and Robert B. Darnell. Sequencing and curation strategies for identifying candidate glioblastoma treatments. BMC Med Genomics. 2019 Apr 25;12(1):56.
  • Kazimierz O. Wrzeszczynski, Vanessa Felice, Avinash Abhyankar, Lukasz Kozon, Heather Geiger, Dina Manaa, Ferrah London, Dino Robinson, Xiaolan Fang, David Lin, Michelle F. Lamendola-Essel, Depinder Khaira, Esra Dikoglu, Anne-Katrin Emde, Nicolas Robine, Minita Shah, Kanika Arora, Olca Basturk, Umesh Bhanot, Alex Kentsis, Mahesh M. Mansukhani, Govind Bhagat, Vaidehi Jobanputra, Analytical Validation of Clinical Whole-Genome and Transcriptome Sequencing of Patient-Derived Tumors for Reporting Targetable Variants in Cancer. J Mol Diagn. Nov;20(6):822-835. 2018
  • Kaile Zhang, Jun Chen, Dongliang Zhang, Lin Wang, Weixin Zhao, David Yun-Te Lin, Rong Chen, Hong Xie, Xiaoyong Hu, Xiaolan Fang (Co-corresponding author) and Qiang Fu, microRNA expression profiles of scar and normal tissue from patients with posterior urethral stricture caused by pelvic fracture urethral distraction defects. Int J Mol Med. May; 41(5): 2733–2743. 2018
  • Bita Nickkholgh, Sivanandane Sittadjody, Michael B. Rothberg, Xiaolan Fang, Kunzhao Li, Jeff W.Chou, Gregory A. Hawkins, and K.C. Balaji, Beta-catenin represses protein kinase D1 gene expression by non-canonical pathway through MYC/MAX transcription complex in prostate cancer. Oncotarget. Oct 3; 8(45): 78811–78824. 2017
  • Xiaolan Fang (corresponding author), Jeanny Aragon-Ching, Esther Una Cidon, Key Difficulties Associated with Cancer Biology. Clin Med Insights Oncol. Nov 15;10(Suppl 1):67-69. 2016
  • Kaile Zhang, Shukui Zhou, Leilei Wang, Jianlong Wang, Qingsong Zou, Weixin Zhao, Qiang Fu and Xiaolan Fang (corresponding author), Current Stem Cell Biomarkers and Their Functional Mechanisms in Prostate Cancer. Int J Mol Sci. Jul 19;17(7). pii: E1163. 2016
  • Bita NickKholgh, Xiaolan Fang, Shira M. Winters, Anvi Raina, Komal S. Pandya, Kenneth Gyabaah, Nora Fino and K.C. Balaji, Cell line modeling to study biomarker panel in prostate cancer. Prostate. Feb 15;76(3):245-58. 2016
  • Xiaolan Fang, Bianhong Zhang, Bernard Thisse, George S. Bloom and Christine Thisse, IQGAP3 is essential for cell proliferation and motility during Zebrafish embryonic development. Cytoskeleton. Aug;72(8):422-33. 2015
  • Horst Wallrabe, Yuansheng Sun, Xiaolan Fang, Ammasi Periasamy and George S. Bloom, Three-color confocal FRET microscopy: quantitative analysis of protein interactions in the nucleation of actin filaments in live cells. Cytometry A, Jun;87(6):580-8, 2015
  • Xiaolan Fang, Kenneth Gyabaah, Bita NickKholgh, J. Mark Cline and K.C. Balaji, Novel in vivo model for combinatorial fluorescence labeling in mouse prostate. Prostate, Jun;75(9):988-1000, 2015
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  • Horst Wallrabe, Ying Cai, Yuansheng Sun, Ammasi Periasamy, Rafael Luzes, Xiaolan Fang, L.C. Cameron, Dorothy A. Schafer and George S. Bloom, IQGAP1 interactome analysis by in vitro reconstitution and live cell 3-color FRET microscopy. Cytoskeleton, 70(12):819-36. 2013
  • Horst Wallrabe, Yuansheng Sun, Xiaolan Fang, Ammasi Periasamy and George Bloom, Three-Color FRET expands the ability to quantify the interactions of several proteins involved in actin filament nucleation. Proc. SPIE, 8226.82260J-1, 2012
  • Xiaolan Fang, Qiuheng Lu, Kazuo Emoto, Paul N. Adler, The Drosophila Furry protein interacts with Trc and is highly mobile in vivo. BMC Dev Biol. , 10(1):40, 2010
  • Xiaolan Fang, Paul N. Adler, Regulation of cell shape, wing hair initiation and actin cytoskeleton by Trc/Fry and Wts/Mats complexes. Dev Biol., 341 (2):360-74, 2010
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