Nail, Olivia

Genetics Instructor

Nail, Olivia

Olivia joined the Education Division at GGC in 2021. She provides students across the state of South Carolina with genetics lab experiences on the Gene Machine Mobile Science Lab, in the classroom, and at GGC. Her goal is to get students excited about genetics and introduce them to the STEM field through engaging hands-on activities and tours of GGC. As a former GGC student herself, she desires to inspire and encourage the next generation of scientists.

Contact Information

Office (864) 941-8194
Fax (864) 388-1062


  • B.S., Genetics, University of Georgia, 2020


Meet Ella

We will remember February 26th for the rest of our lives. On that day, we received the call from the Greenwood Genetic Center that they had discovered our daughter, Ella Marie, has Kleefstra syndrome. Very early on, my wife, Kelly, observed Ella being delayed in some of her milestones. Kelly monitored Ella’s progression and sought out testing in an effort to get Ella some assistance. Along the way, we were sent to GGC and met with LEARN MORE

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