Nilsen, Mandy

Genetic Assistant

Nilsen, Mandy

Mandy joined the Greenwood Genetic Center in 2019 from the Medical University of South Carolina where she spent time researching the neuroadaptive processes
underlying alcoholism and addiction. As a genetic assistant with the Charleston office, Mandy assists the clinic by gathering pertinent medical records
prior to a patient’s visit and initiating clinic evaluations, obtaining family and medical history. She also assists with follow-up tasks, such as
obtaining insurance authorizations for genetic testing and preparing specimen samples for shipment to the GGC laboratory.

Contact Information

Office: (843)  746-1001

Fax: (843) 735-5097


  • B.S., Neuroscience, University of Michigan, 2017

Lucy's Story

When our daughter Lucy had a metabolic crisis at 7 days old, we were shocked and devastated to find out that she was born with a rare genetic disorder (MSUD). Her newborn screening results did not make it back in time to prevent the crisis, and no one at our local hospital was familiar with the disease. They did not know how to treat her. Calls were made to Greenwood Genetic Center to confirm her diagnosis and guide her care. Dr. Champaigne and Ami...

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