SNP Interpretation Guide

This SNP Array Interpretation Guide was produced by Timothy Fee, PhD as a resource for laboratory diagnosticians involved in SNP array analysis. It covers the main types of aberrations visible on SNP array as well as more complex mosaic situations. This work was presented (virtually) at the American Cytogenetics Conference in June 2021.

Genetic Counseling Aids, 2020 (7th edition)

The 7th edition Genetic Counseling Aids (2020) are now available for purchase!

Purchase options include:

1. The full book (3-ring binder inserts or digital download)

2. The 31 new/updated pages (3-ring binder inserts or digital download)

3. iOS app – currently being updated with the new images and additional

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Manual of Antenatal Pathology and Hygiene, The Embryo

The volume of The Manual on the embryo includes thirty-three chapters in which Ballantyne provides a chronology of embryonic life and sets forth general principles of the embryonic pathology, historical and contemporary concepts regarding the causes of anomalies, and a classification and catalog of malformations. Cost is $75.00 plus shipping and handling.

Vrolik's Tabulae, Illustrating Normal and Abnormal Development in Man and Mammals (translation of work by Dutch medical scientist, Willem Vrolik, 1854).

The Dutch medical scientist, Willem Vrolik (1801-1863), was one of the pioneers in the field of teratology. His Tabulae includes 100 lithographic plates
depicting the outlines of vertebrate embryology and a large selection of congenital anomalies in humans and other mammals. The original Latin and Flemish
texts have been translated into English and the plates scanned and enhanced to show their original quality and detail. Also included in this special
publication are three appendices that identify papers and essays by Vrolik, list the malformations, disruptions and deformations depicted, and provide
notes regarding specific plates or sections of the translation that may be of interest to the reader. The purpose of this translation is to make this
important work by Vrolik accessible to all scientists and students in the fields of dysmorphology and clinical genetics, pediatrics, teratology and
medical history. Cost is $495.00 which includes shipping, handling, and insurance.

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One Mother's Story

After a long three-year struggle trying to have children, our son, Charlie, was born on April 18, 2009. He was our miracle...perfect in every way! When Charlie was five days old, our pediatrician called to notify us that one of the numbers from the heel prick test was a bit high. We headed to the hospital that afternoon for more tests. I will never forget the following day. It was cool and crisp - not a cloud in the sky. The next thing I know, our ...

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