Multiple Myeloma/Plasma Cell Myeloma (PCM) Panel

Test Information

Multiple Myeloma/Plasma Cell Myeloma (PCM) Panel is a FISH analysis that screens for chromosomal aneuploidy and rearrangements associated with multiple myeloma or plasma cell myeloma (PCM).

Turnaround Time

10 days

CPT Code(s)

88275 x2, 88271 x4, 88291




+3/+7/+9 [CEP 3 SO CEP 7 SG/CEP 9 SA]
1q21/1p36 [SRD/MM]
-5/5q- [CSF1R]
delp53 [ATM/p53]
Trisomy 12 [D13S319/LSI 13q34/CEP 12]
14q32 [IGH BA]


This test is intended to confirm a diagnosis of multiple myeloma or plasma cell myeloma. It is also used to look for minimal residual disease in patients undergoing treatment or in patients thought to be going into or coming out of remission..

Specimen Requirements

FISH can be performed on any tissue that can be cultured for chromosome analysis and interphase FISH can be performed on any cytogenetic sample. Follow collection and transport guidelines specific for each tissue type. Studies requested should be indicated at the time of sample submission.

Transport Instructions

Specimen should be kept at room temperature; do not freeze or refrigerate. Specimen should be sent by courier or overnight mail to arrive at the laboratory within 24 hours.

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