Department of Disabilities & Special Needs (DDSN) Clinic

Department of Disabilities & Special Needs (DDSN) Clinic

Understanding the cause of a disability or special need can lead to better treatments for that condition and improved resources for the family. The Disabilities and Special Needs Genetic Clinic at the Greenwood Genetic Center offers genetic evaluations for those served by the SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN) with the goal of providing families with an accurate diagnosis, guidance for appropriate interventions and treatments, and information on medical issues, reproductive risks and future expectations.

Patients and families served by SCDDSN who would like to request a genetic evaluation should discuss a referral with their service coordinator or early interventionist. They may also call the Greenwood Genetic Center closest to them. GGC has offices and clinics throughout South Carolina.

What to Expect from the Disabilities and Special Needs Genetic Clinic

Genetic evaluation is simply one more tool that helps you get the best possible medical care for yourself or family member. The information gathered through genetic consultation can lead to finding treatments. Some disabilities affect physical health Genetic evaluation can provide referrals to the doctors who specialize in caring for people with a specific diagnosis. A consultation at the SCDDSN Clinic is like any medical appointment.

These suggestions may help you prepare for your consultation:

  • Allow approximately one hour for your appointment.
  • Bring your insurance, Medicaid or Medicare card. You will not be directly charged.
  • Be prepared to share information about your child’s or relative’s medical and family history, their birth and development.
  • Further testing may be suggested. If so, blood and/or urine samples may be collected at the appointment.

Please refer to our brochure, A Genetic Evaluation (English) or the Spanish version, for more information about scheduling a genetic evaluation. GGC serves patients throughout the state of South Carolina. Patients who have been referred through SCDDSN can make an appointment at the GGC office nearest their home.

For EIs, Caseworkers and other referring providers:

2020 In-service Training – Slides

2020 In-service Training – Video

Lucy's Story

When our daughter Lucy had a metabolic crisis at 7 days old, we were shocked and devastated to find out that she was born with a rare genetic disorder (MSUD). Her newborn screening results did not make it back in time to prevent the crisis, and no one at our local hospital was familiar with the disease. They did not know how to treat her. Calls were made to Greenwood Genetic Center to confirm her diagnosis and guide her care. Dr. Champaigne and Ami...

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