Science On Tap

The Greenwood Genetic Center is joining with other local educational institutions and business to bring science out of the laboratories and into the pub! Science on Tap is a program to share with our community some of the wonderful scientific work going on in our area. The public is invited for a 30-40 minute informal presentation by a local scientist followed by time for discussion and questions.

There is no charge to attend, you are only responsible for any food or drink you order. Contact Leta Tribble at GGC at (864) 941-4170 or with any questions.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 4, 2018

'The CRISPR Craze: The ins and outs of targeted genome editing'

You've likely heard a lot about CRISPR technology/genome editing in the media. What is CRISPR? How does it work? What are the ethical concerns? Dr. Flanagan-Steet will answer these questions and more! This is a free community lecture held in conjunction with Gene Week.
Tours of the Greenwood Genetic Center will be available at 5:15pm and 7pm, immediately before and after this event. 

6-7 pm
Greenwood Genetic Center Auditorium
117 Gregor Mendel Circle
Greenwood, SC 28646

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Meet The Jones Family

Meet The Jones Family

The journey to becoming parents did not start as an easy one for my husband and I. We suffered the heartache of miscarriage and the unimaginable pain of burying our first born child. Our son, sweet 1 lb 1.4 ounce, 12 inches long, teeny, tiny little Joseph “Hamilton” Jones was born with spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and a heart defect. It tore our hearts out leaving the hospital without him, knowing our dreams and hope for the future were shattered. ...

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