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The Greenwood Genetic Center is joining with other local educational institutions and business to bring science out of the laboratories and into the pub! Science on Tap is a program to share with our community some of the wonderful scientific work going on in our area. The public is invited for a 30-40 minute informal presentation by a local scientist followed by time for discussion and questions.

There is no charge to attend. Contact Leta Tribble at GGC at (864) 941-4170 or with any questions.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The War on Cancer: A Battle with Many Fronts
Dr. Austin Shull, Presbyterian College

Dr. Shull’s research aims to discover novel therapeutic vulnerabilities in cancers by deciphering the underlying genomic signatures that drive specific cancer subsets. Dr. Shull’s current work, which is funded through the NIH-sponsored SC-INBRE program, is directed towards determining the novel DNA methylation events that preferentially exist in breast cancer cells and determining how these signatures provide a prognostic value for breast cancer patients.

This is a free community lecture. 

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Meet Makayla Gunn

Meet Makayla Gunn

Makayla was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in April of 2015 at the age of two.   At about 18 months, we noticed she had started some repetitive hand motions, and her pediatrician was a little concerned that she did not have many words.  She had learned some sign language, and was saying ‘mama’ and ‘dada’, but that was it.  Then she suddenly stopped all of that.  At her 2 year old check-up, the pediatrician referred us to BabyNet, ...

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